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Oils/Additives parts at getoffroad.com
All vehicles - including your Land Rover - use a number of oils and additives to ensure it is functioning correctly and to maximum efficiency. These fluids and lubricants include engine oils, fuel additives, transmission oils and more.

getoffroad.com supply only the highest quality and performance enhancing Land Rover oils and fluids from an industry leading supplier in Miller's Oils

Regular checking and monitoring of your vehicles' oils and additives is essential in the maintenance and smooth operation of your vehicle.
Part #G07-002-002

Millermatic fully synthetic ATF Auto Transmission Fluid SP III-WS 5Ltr

Our fully synthetic transmission fluid is for use in automatic transmission and power steering systems as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. ATF SP III-WS transmission fluid is formulated to meet the latest Japanese & Korean vehicle manufacturers requirements.
£31.96 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-001-005

Millers Oils Classic Pistoneeze P30 5Ltr

This product is a moderate detergent monograde mineral engine oil. It is specifically engineered for classic cars and is also suitable in vintage cars incorporating a modern filtration system. It is formulated with Zinc Phosphorus.
£33.49 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-004-008

Millers VSPe Power Plus Multishot Fuel Treatment

Recommended for all classic engines previously requiring leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel. One bottle treats 10 tanks, based on 50L tank size.
£29.95 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-001-002

XF Longlife ECO 5w30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5Ltr

Our longlife ECO 5w30 fully synthetic engine oil is suitable for use in the very latest Ford petrol and diesel engines meeting Euro IV/V emissions standards. It is also backwards compatible with previous M2C913-B and C specifications.
£28.50 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-002-000

TRX 75w80 Fully Synthetic Manual Gearbox Oil

This product is for use where a 75w80 synthetic oil is required by OEM's including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Fiat, Nissan, PSA Group, Renault, VAG Group, Vauxhall / Opel, Alfa Romeo, Land Rover, Mini, Dodge, Ford and Volvo in manual gearboxes and also axles where a high performance gear oil is required to function correctly.
£37.30 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-004-004

Millers Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner - DPF Restore

Use by adding to the fuel tank prior to refueling. One 250ml bottle will treat 60 litres of fuel as a preventative measure, approximately every 2,000 miles (3,000 kms) We recommend that it be used more frequently if DPF blocking is a regular problem. Our product is highly suitable where short trip stop start driving is the norm.
£10.49 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-001-001

Trident 5w30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 5Ltr

This product is recommended for use in modern vehicles where 5w30 semi synthetic oil is specified by the manufacturer sutch as Ford and many Japanese models. Trident 5w30 is especially recommended for use in many modern petrol and diesel vehicles that require a fuel efficient lubricant.
£23.95 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-004-006

Millers Stop Leak

For use in all car and light vans with either petrol or diesel engines, gearboxes and axles. To use add contents of bottle to oil in the engine gearbox or differential.
£11.69 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-003-000

Millers Oils TRX Synth 75W90 5Ltr

TRX Synth 75w90 5Ltr
£53.00 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-004-000

Millers VSPe Power Plus Fuel Treatment

Recommended for all classic engines that previously required leaded fuel and now running on unleaded fuel. One 250ml bottle treats 40 litres of fuel.
£13.00 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-004-001

Millers Diesel Power EcoMax

Our diesel power EcoMax is for use in all diesel vehicles including Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI compliant engines with or without DPF. Use diesel power EcoMax by adding to your fuel in the ratio of 1 part to 1000 parts (1ml/l). It may also be used at double strength for additional performance.
£16.50 (inc Vat)
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Part #G07-004-003

Millers Diesel Injector Cleaner

Use by addition to the fuel tank prior to refueling. Treats 60 litres.
£10.00 (inc Vat)
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