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Defender 7" Headlamps Comparison

When it comes to Defender headlights, there's a multitude of options often with a confusing array of advantages, disadvantages and of course price points! On this page we'll compare some of the different 7 inch Defender Headlamps we have available.

As a basic replacement or repair, our Halogen lights are perfect. We've kept the price as cheap as possible, and although you won't see a massive benefit over some of the more expensive options these will refresh the front end look of your Defender. If your lenses have become foggy or cracked, this is your instant fix.

Next up we move on to a couple of Crystal halogen headlights. Both the options listed below come as a pair, and are still halogen bulbs devices. This means you keep the standard heritage look to your Defender but you'll get increased light output over the standard lamps.

Moving up to LED Headlamps will completely transform the style and safety of your Defender. Our own brand LED Halo Headlights are the perfect mix of quality and value - and we'll back that with a 12 month warranty too. These include DRL (daytime running lights) within the halo, and indicators too.

Want to stick to a known brand instead? You can't go wrong with the brand new Trucklite Halo Headlights for Defender. These are similar to our own Halo headlights, but come with a massive 5 year manufacturer warranty. Trucklite are the team behind Rigid Industries lighting, so they know their stuff - especially when it comes to Land Rover's! As a pair, these will cost you less than £300 and offer a cheaper alternative to our top of the range Trucklites below

And finally.... the best of the best. The Trucklite Crystal style headlights have the wow factor. A more standard look without the Halo but with massive light output - put simply, these are fantastic lights. A little more expensive than other options, but if light output is your number 1 aim, you can't really go wrong with these.

If you're looking for more options, or need further advice - get in touch with us. We're available during office hours on 0333 555 0004 or via live chat. Better still - come and find us at a Land Rover show near you, where we'll be able to demo some of the units on our stand.

Halogen & Bulbs

OK, so Halogen headlights are a tough sell. We get it. It's hard to look past LED now, but for those after a classic look to their Defender, we've got you covered. Straight repair? Grab a pair of halogen's for a little over £30. Something a little better than won't break the bank? Crystal headlights might be the answer. Improved light output and crystal clear lenses - from a halogen bulb and light unit.

LED Sealed Units

An LED upgrade will transform your vehicle. Some people upgrade their headlights for styling reasons, and we get that completely. Others are looking for improved light output, because lets face it - the OEM lights are pretty rubbish! We're happy with both benefits! Even with upgraded bulbs and crystal lenses even the best lamps can't compete with LED these days.

LED Headlamps will cost more, but last longer - especially when you add in the cost of bulbs! Almost a no-brainer upgrade now unless you really really want to keep the heritage look. Get Off Road have a number of LED headlight options for Defenders. In fact, for any vehicle with a 7" round headlight surround! We're no experts, but some Jeep models (and others) can also support these lamps.

LED's and snow?!

Something we've learnt is that LED's aren't the best in snow. It's a bizarre statement we heard from a number of sources, so decided to investigate. (OK, we google'd it!).

As it turns out, the massive benefits to LED lights do have a small drawback. Because LEDs are highly efficient, the light output is high, while the temperature output is incredibly low compared to halogen lights. This means in extreme conditions, snow won't melt and run down the lights due to the lack of warmth. We don't consider it a major issue here in the UK, but we're nothing if not fair at Get Off Road!