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Complete Defender LED Lighting Upgrades

Improve the safety and style of your Land Rover Defender with our LED UPGRADE 'combo' kits. Covering every standard exterior lamp in one single kit - INCLUDING HALO HEADLIGHTS, you'll complete this quick and easy upgrade in no time!

Like most of our deals and packages, our LED Upgrade combo kits were created based on customer requirements and needs. These one-stop-shop kits contain everything you need to complete a full exterior LED upgrade of your Land Rover Defender. Fully compatible with 90's, 110's and 130's of almost any age.

Many customers will be able to fit these without needing a qualified auto-electrician. Later Defender models will be plug and play, with earlier examples requiring some simple snipping immediately behind each lamp. Our own auto-electrician will be on hand should you run into problems, but ultimately it's much easier than you probably think!

Our kits contain:

  • Pair of LED Halo Headlights
  • 2x Front Indicators
  • 2x Front Side Lights
  • 2x Rear Side/Brake Lights
  • 2x Rear Indicators
  • 2x Side Repeaters
  • 1x Fog Light
  • 1x Reverse Light
  • 1x Number Plate Light
  • 1x Variable Relay

That's a lot of lights for one simple purchase - but which will you choose?


Our kits come in 3 different distinct colouring options. Our coloured lens kit offers a classic look for customers looking to upgrade without completely changing the appearance of their Defender. We feel these look better on lighter coloured vehicles.

Our clear kit is a more contemporary look for your Landy. We chose the clear option for our own Defender because we feel it suits darker coloured vehicles (our own is a gloss black) better, and acts as an accent colour against the dark panels.

Finally our smoked set is great for those looking for a similar look to the clear kit, but maybe not quite as 'in your face'. Great if you're looking for a style upgrade, but still want to maintain something of a classic look

Ultimately though our experience at Land Rover shows and discussions with customers over the years has told us one simple fact - it's your choice! Everyone has an opinion, but it comes down to personal preference in the end.

Halo Headlights

Halo's are ever popular, with many branded, and unbranded options available. Our own Halo's are backed by our 12 month guarantee, and shipped from our UK warehouse. We're happy to have hit a sweet spot of quality and value - and our customers love them!

Wipac Upgrade Kits

Our Wipac branded LED Upgrade kits are ideal if you've already purchased headlights, or want to stagger your LED upgrade path.  Generally we have 2 varieties - our standard kit covers all the major exterior LED lighting, and our deluxe kits add fog, reverse and number plate lamps.  Our kits also come with a variable relay for indicator lights.

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