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G12-001-036 Defender Bonnet Protector - Chequer Plate
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G12-001-036 Defender Bonnet Protector - Chequer Plate


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Defender Bonnet Protector in chequer plate finish

£35.00(ex. VAT)
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The Defender Bonnet Protector is made from long-lasting, strong materials. The chequer plate design has a beautiful finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and sturdy. This product will protect the front of your Defender against the impact, scratches and paint chipping caused by gravel, insects and tar, strengthening the bonnet. The item perfectly fits the bonnet of your car, making installation easy.

Adding a bonnet protector to your Defender is an excellent option even if you don’t drive off road. This is a nice addition to any vehicle since the design of the bonnet will blend in with any other colour. The bonnet will hide any existing indentations caused by gravel or insects and will prevent further minor damage from road debris such as gravel and rocks.
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