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G05-001-003 LED Full Halo Headlights to fit Defender
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G05-001-003 LED Full Halo Headlights to fit Defender


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Pair of BLACK LED Halo headlights to fit defender models from 1983 to present.

£124.96(ex. VAT)
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LED Full Halo Headlights - To Fit:

Defender - 1983 on

To confirm suitability for your vehicle, please contact our friendly expert team on 0333 555 0004 (local rate). Alternatively, please use our live chat service or email sales@getoffroad.com

Defender Halo Wiring Diagram

Click here to download

Our Defender Halo Headlights

The Latest Design in LED Headlight Technology. These lamps offer increased visibility with deeper darkness penetration. Halo LED Ring Technology providing Day Light Running White Light and the optional connection for integrated directional indicator in Amber. Supplied with easy to follow fitting instructions and all the cabling required to convert existing headlight to full LED.

The full halo either works as a side light or an orange indicator. If you have your side lights on & then indicate it automatically changes to flashing orange. As soon as you cancel your indicator it goes back to bright white sidelights as shown in the photos.

Halo headlights are an accessible way to customize your car. No other add-on is able to make as big of a difference as the Led Full Halo Headlights. Featuring a top-notch design, the headlights ensure increased visibility and offer deeper darkness penetration.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) come with unique features. The lights are created to be super bright, which makes them easy to see in dark or light environments both during the night and day, even in direct sunlight.
The latest technology behind these LED Full Halo Headlights makes them both super attractive and very efficient. The lamps can be installed following the fitting instructions. All required connectors are included.

The LED Full Halo Headlights work as daytime running lamp, indicator, full beam, and dipped beam. This makes the lamps versatile and reliable.

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