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Transmission parts at getoffroad.com

Defender Transmission

The Land Rover Defender series of vehicles are capable of handling some of the toughest terrains on the planet, but they rely on the power of their transmission systems to handle it efficiently. Changing up and down gear constantly can take its toll on the transmission, so it’s vital that you look after it and repair any problems as soon as possible.

High Quality Transmission Parts

Here at Get Off Road we stock a variety of Land Rover Defender transmission parts and accessories. Browse our full range below, where you’ll find clutch hoses and other essential parts and equipment to ensure that your Defender is in good working order.

All of the prices displayed on our website include VAT, so you pay exactly what you see; and we also offer free shipping on orders of £20 and over. We stock a fully comprehensive selection of Defender parts on our website, but if you’re not able to find what you need please get in touch and we’ll be happy to source the parts for you.

Part #G11-004-000

Defender Clutch Hose

Defender Clutch Hose - Length 251mm
£3.25 (inc Vat)
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Part #G11-002-004

Defender Gearlever Gasket LT77 and R380

Defender Gearlever Flange to Gearbox Gasket to suit LT77 or R380 Gearboxes
£0.55 (inc Vat)
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Part #G11-002-002

Defender Puma TDCI SlickShift

Land Rover Defender Puma TDCI Gearbox SlickShift Kit
£198.00 (inc Vat)
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Part #G11-002-000

Defender LT77/R380 SlickShift

Land Rover Defender LT77/R380 Slickshift improves gear change by reducing sloppiness and minimising travel, as well as neatening shifts giving smoother gear changes.
£89.99 (inc Vat)
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Part #G11-004-001

Clutch Cable Defender - Pin Type

Clutch Cable Defender - Pin Type
£9.54 (inc Vat)
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