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G22-001-001B 18x8 Sawtooth Alloy Wheel - Black Gloss to fit Defender
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G22-001-001B 18x8 Sawtooth Alloy Wheel - Black Gloss to fit Defender


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18x8 Black gloss Sawtooth Alloy wheel to fit all Land Rover Defender Models - Also known as the X-Tech alloy, these high gloss rims are a must addition for any Defender wheel upgrade - DA6548

£116.67(ex. VAT)
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The black gloss 18x8 Sawtooth alloy wheels fit all Land Rover Defender models. The X-Tech alloy was created to last, and to perform flawlessly in all weather conditions. The beautiful glossy finish makes the wheels look polished and stylish. An easy upgrade for any Defender, the Sawtooth alloy wheels are not only strikingly beautiful but also solid and reliable. Your choice of wheels for your vehicle will considerably influence not only the overall appeal but also the handling and performance of the car.

Sawtooth Alloy Attributes

  • Offset: ET20
  • PCD: 165.1
  • Load Rating: 1000kg
No Attributes Found

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