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G22-001-016B Defender Alloy Wheel 16 x 7 Maxtrac Blindo Black
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G22-001-016B Defender Alloy Wheel 16 x 7 Maxtrac Blindo Black


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16 x 7 Maxtrac Blindo Wheel Black

£166.66(ex. VAT)
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Smart looking, tough, high quality alloy wheels which are ideal for off-road use. Used for rally-road competition vehicles as well as the military these Blindo wheels are TÜV approved and manufactured in Italy.

  • Only prime aluminium is used
  • Less silicon is added than cheaper alloy wheels
  • Alloys are heat-treated for improved mechanical properties
  • Metal is de-gassed to remove any small bubbles
  • Low pressure cast to ensure improved metal density
  • Once made each alloy is x-rayed to check for defects, then water tank pressure tested to ensure no leak


Size - 16” x 7
PCD - 5 x 165.1
Offset - ET15
Weight - 14.3Kg

It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the wheels fitted to their vehicle have an appropriate load rating. The minimum required load rating can be determined by taking the manufacturers recommended maximum axle weight and dividing by two.

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