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Discovery 2 parts at getoffroad.com
The Discovery 2, or Series II, arrived in Autumn '98 and promoted by Land Rover as having been modified from the original Discovery with 720 'differences'. The Discovery 2 is visually similar to the Series I despite every body panel being new (with the exception of the rear door skin). The TD5 engine was introduced in line with updates to the Defender series - producing more torque at lower revs and - despite no actual increase in capacity over the 3.9 litre engine - a much better on-road experience.

Facelift models (2003 onwards) are easily identified by pocketed headlamps - matching the Range Rover and facelifted Freelander models - and high-sided turn indicator lamps.

Final Discovery 2 vehicles left production lines in May 2004 to be replaced with the Discovery 3 (LR3) models.

Discovery E, S, Pursuit, Serengeti parts are available on getoffroad.com alongside later ranges such as G4, GS, XS, Adventurer LE, Millennium and Landmark. Metropolis and ES Premium are also represented with parts for both 4.0 V8i engines and the 2.5 Td5 diesel.
Part #G06-002-005

245 Bulb

12v 10w SCC BA15s Side & Tail
Supplied as a Pack of 10
£3.95 (inc Vat)
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Part #G12-008-004

Discovery Side Runner Kit

Discovery 2 Discovery Side Runner Kit
£225.60 (inc Vat)
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Part #G01-003-007

Fuel Filter Element to fit Defender / Discovery

Defender 2.5Ltr TD5 - 1998 on and Discovery 2.5 TD5 - 1999 to 2004
£19.00 (inc Vat)
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Part #G06-001-004

H7 Halogen Bulb to fit Freelander / Discovery / Range Rover

Headlight bulbs are generally not car specific, so if a bulb on your car is type H7, then any type H7 bulb should fit. Check out our fantastic range of car headlight bulbs, here at getoffroad.com. We specialise in the best quality replacement headlight bulbs for all major manufacturer's including Land Rover, Range Rover and manufacturer's of passenger vehicle's. getoffroad.com supply bulbs that give a maximum light output to keep your view of the road clear and safe in the darkest and most difficult conditions. We also stock a H7 halogen bulb kit G06-003-002 which includes, Headlight, 4 x Sidelight bulbs, 1 x indicator bulb , 1 x stop/tail bulb, 1 x interior bulb & 5 x fuses
£4.20 (inc Vat)
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Part #G13-002-007

21 inch Wiper Blade

Standard Wiper Blade 21 inch suitable for wiper blades with U adapter type fittings
£3.49 (inc Vat)
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Part #G03-000-019

DENSO Alternator for Defender / Discovery 2

Defender 2.5 TD5 1998>, Discovery 2 2.5 TD5 1998>
£258.00 (inc Vat)
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Part #G01-002-020

Oil Filter to fit Land Rover / Defender / Discovery / Range Rover

Defender 2.5Ltr - 1990 to 1995, Defender 2.5Ltr Diesel - 1990 to 1995, Defender 3.5Ltr V8 - 1990 to 1998, Discovery 3.5Ltr V8 - 1990 to 1994, Discovery 3.9Ltr V8 - 1993 to 1998, Discovery 4.0Ltr V8 - 1998 to 2004, Discovery 4.6Ltr V8 - 2002 to 2004, Range Rover Classic 2.4Ltr Diesel - 1986 to 1990, Range Rover Classic 3.5Ltr V8 - 1987 to 1990, Range Rover Classic 3.9Ltr - 1988 to 1994, Range Rover Classic 4.2Ltr V8 - 1992 to 1994, Range Rover P38 2.5Ltr - 1994 to 2002, Range Rover P38 4.0Ltr - 1994 to 2002 and Range Rover P38 4.6Ltr - 1994 to 2002
£4.99 (inc Vat)
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Part #G06-001-016

H7 Halogen Headlamp Bulb Twin Pack 12v 100w Off Road Use

H7 Halogen Headlamp Bulb Twin Pack 12v 100w Off Road Use Only
£9.25 (inc Vat)
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Part #G01-001-023

K&N Air Filter to fit Discovery / Range Rover

Discovery 2.0Ltr - 1993 to 1994, Discovery 3.5Ltr - 1993 to 1994 (from VIN LA), Discovery 3.9Ltr - 1993 to 1994, Discovery 2 4.0Ltr - 1994 to 1998, Discovery 2 4.6Ltr - 1994 to 1998, Discovery 2 2.5Ltr Diesel - 1996 to 1998 (113 BHP), Range Rover 3.9Ltr V8 - to 1994, Range Rover 2 2.5Ltr Diesel - 1994 to 2002 (113 BHP)
£47.40 (inc Vat)
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Part #G08-005-000

Land Rover EGR Valve Blanking Kit

Land Rover Discovery 2 Defender TD5 EGR Valve Blanking Plate Removal Kit
£32.99 (inc Vat)
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Part #G01-002-017

Oil Filter to fit Defender / Discovery

Defender 2.5Ltr TD5 - 1998 on and Discovery 2.5Ltr TD5 - 1999 to 2004
£7.55 (inc Vat)
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Part #G01-002-025

Rotor for oil Centrifuge

Replacement Rotor for Oil Centrifuge for Land Rover (ERR 6299)
£13.50 (inc Vat)
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