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The Range Rover Evoque, termed as a "compact luxury cross over SUV" was first introduced in 2011 with two wheel drive (2WD) and four wheel drive (4WD) variants and was so successful, sold nearly 88,000 units in year one of production.

It was designed to meet the need for fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions compared to it's larger relations, the Range Rover and the Discovery while retaining it's off road capabilities, it also boasts a 5-Star Euro NCAP rating.

With the Range Rover Evoque still very much in demand, numerous updates and versions have been released, along with the highly anticipated Range Rover Evoque Convertible, due in 2017.
Part #G06-001-019

H7 Car Headlight Bulbs - GE Megalight Ultra 120

GE Megalight Ultra lamps - thanks to their special filament design and coating system - provide up to 120% more light on the road - improving illumination performance of your headlamps compared to standard halogen 12V lamps available on the market.
£13.50 (inc Vat)
Part #G01-002-003

Oil Filter Element to fit Defender / Discovery / Freelander

Defender 2.2Ltr TD4 - 2011 on, Defender 2.4Ltr TD4 - 2007 on, Discovery 2.2 TD4 - 2014 on and Freelander 2.2Ltr TD4 2006 on
£7.50 (inc Vat)
Part #G06-002-000

Hiper Vision Bulb

12v 19w PS19w HiPerVision
Brake/Indicator/Reverse/Rear Fog
£18.95 (inc Vat)
Part #G06-001-005

HB3 Halogen Bulb to fit Range Rover L405

12v - 60w Replacement Halogen HB3 Bulb
£3.90 (inc Vat)
Part #G13-001-002

21 inch Flat Wiper Blade

Flat Wiper Blade 21 inch suitable for wiper blades with Top Push Button
£5.50 (inc Vat)
Part #G13-004-003

21 and 24 inch Flat Wiper Blade Pack

Twin Pack Flat Wiper Blade 24/21 inch suitable for wiper blades with Top Push Button type fittings
£12.49 (inc Vat)
Part #G01-001-015

Air Filter to fit Discovery / Freelander / Ranger Rover Evoque

Discovery Sport 2.0Ltr - 2014 on, Discovery Sport 2.0Ltr Diesel - 2015 on, Discovery Sport 2.2Ltr - 2014 on, Freelander 2.0Ltr - 2011 on, Range Rover Evoque 2.0Ltr - 2011 on
£19.00 (inc Vat)
Part #G06-002-001

Hiper Vision Bulb

12v 24w PSY24w HiPerVison Indicator (Amber)
£18.95 (inc Vat)
Part #G06-002-016

921 Bulb

12v 18w Capless W2.1X9.5d Brake (High Level Brake Light)
Supplied as a Pack of 10
£7.99 (inc Vat)
Part #G06-001-010

OD3S Bulb

42v 35w D3S (Projection) Gas Discharge Bulb
Supplied as a Single Bulb
£83.95 (inc Vat)
Part #G12-002-011

Fuel Cap to fit Discovery / Range Rover

Land Rover Non-Locking Fuel Cap Bayonet Type
£15.98 (inc Vat)
Part #G01-002-014

Oil Filter to fit Discovery / Freelander / Range Rover

Discovery 2.0Ltr - 2014 on and Freelander 2.0Ltr - 2011 on
£5.20 (inc Vat)