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    Millers Diesel Power EcoMax GMO-6204KB

    GMO-6204KB Millers Diesel Power EcoMax
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    • Availability: In Stock

    • Brand:Millers Oils
    • Part #:GMO-6204KB
    • References:
    • Former P/no:G07-004-001

    GMO-6204KB Millers Diesel Power EcoMax

    The Millers Oils’ Diesel Power Eco Max is compatible with all diesel engines, particularly Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI compliant engines. This state of the art treatment guarantees to improve the vehicle’s performance by boosting engine response and throttle, offering a unique mix of economy and power.

    This treatment fuel is a cetane booster and detergent package, and it will add up to 4 cetane numbers to your diesel fuel. Not only does it help reduce emissions of nitrous oxide, hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide, it also protects the fuel system’s components against wear due to the lubricity enhancers.

    Millers Diesel Power EcoMax has been shown to offer noise reduction, fuel savings, and engine smoothness. To use the fuel treatment, you have to add 1 part diesel power EcoMax to 1000 parts fuel or 1ml per 1 litre. Continuous treatment will clean injectors, increasing fuel and power efficiency.

    The fuel treatment is safe to use for diesel turbo as well, delivering optimum results.

    User Benefits Include: 

    • Provides a tangible improvement in vehicle performance and enhanced fuel economy
    • Increases Cetane rating of diesel by 4 numbers
    • Engine smoothness, noise reduction and fuel savings confirmed by users
    • Drastically reduces emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide
    • Improved throttle response at lower revs designed to offer the best of both power and economy
    • Improved fuel combustion reduces particulates, reducing the risk of DPF blockage and costly repairs